16-year-old shot and killed over Air Jordans

16-year-old shot and killed over Air Jordans

While the exact pair of Jordans is unknown, with all the hype revolving around the current Bred 11’s and previous Holiday season Jordan drops, it’s hard not to connect the dots. 16 year old Juan Reyna is the most recent victim of violence revolving around sneakers. The shooter, Yusef Villanueva called it an accident, says the gun went off by mistake. Juan died at the Hospital, just a day before his 17th birthday.

As a long time enthusiast and supporter of sneakers and the culture and communities, situations like these sadden my deeply. No one, especially at 16 years old, or any age for that matter should be putting their lives at risk for a pair of kicks. This is a very expensive hobby, but it shouldn’t be a dangerous one. It’s every easy to point fingers, and blame brands, i know because i’ve done my fair share of finger pointing. I don’t agree with the way releases are handled, or even the amount of sneakers made available, but as a community we have to do our part and expect more form the companies we support, month after month, year after year. Our condolences to family members are no longer enough.

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