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5 Facebook Pages All Sneakerheads Should Like

Chances are you’re more likely to visit facebook before you do any of your favorite blogs on the net, so it’s no surprise sneakerheads have started and grown their own small communities on Facebook. With that said here are 5 facebook pages all sneakerheads should like, if they don’t already.

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5. Sneaker Rumors

Few cats on facebook have the like page down the way these dudes do. Constant and consistent is the name of the game, for Sneaker Rumors.


4. Aaron Knows

It’s true Aaron definitely knows a thing or two about kicks. Not as popular as our previous mention, but when it comes to the basketball and the athletes rocking signature kicks, this is your go to.


3. TCC ( The Closet Collectors)

When it comes to exclusive sneak peeks, few pages are better. TCC, as the are more commonly known has become a source of news for not only sneaker heads, but sneaker blogs alike. Did i mention they also sell kicks, and won’t beat you over the head with their prices either.


2. TSXC (The SolexChange)

A relative new comer, TSXC gives new meaning to the term fast growing. TSXC delivers content consistently on a daily basis as well as host buy, sell trade events for sneakerheads in the tri-state area.


1. Sole Sickness

At number 1, Sole Sickness holds it down with a community of over 80k. Offering the best in up and coming drops as well as fueling the nostalgia of older sneakerheads have for the Nike Air days of jordan.


So there you have it, the top 5 pages you must follow if you consider yourself a sneakerhead. Of course, these aren’t the only pages around. We’re on there, as well as OSD, Sneakertube, Sole attractive and many more

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