How to read a poker player based on their clothing

How to read a poker player based on their clothing

Clothing is important in all walks of life and around the poker table is no exception. During a game, a large percentage of your concentration should be taken up by paying attention to other payers and trying to see what their technique is. One way that you can tell what a player’s mindset is, is by looking at the clothes that they are wearing. While this may not be a definitive guide, the following tips should serve as general guidelines by which to judge those around the table.

Casualwear: If a player turns up to a poker game in baggy trousers and a simple t-shirt, then you can assume that they want to be
comfortable. This also generally means that they are pretty relaxed about the game, as if they are playing at home online on a site like and don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing them. Such casual clothes tend to mean that a player is mostly there to enjoy the game and have a good

Shirt and tie: Players who dress up to go to a poker game usually mean business. They put on their smart clothes in order to show that they are serious about playing the game, and serious about winning a lot of
money. It could also be a way to throw others off and show that they are confident that they can win. Be wary of these players, as they tend to have polished techniques.

Sponsored clothing: Those poker players who come to a game wearing clothes with poker club logos and sponsorship clearly displayed are often very talented. This is because there is clearly a reason why they are being sponsored, why a poker club chose to have them representing their business. Watch these players closely and be careful when you come up against them. However if a player is too
obvious about wearing a logo, displaying it in too much, it could also mean that they are rather amateur and do