Identity Crisis: What Your Sneaks Say About Who You Are

Identity Crisis: What Your Sneaks Say About Who You Are

Personality starts from ground up. The soles you stomp day in and day out are more than pieces of you’re wardrobe. They’re indicators of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Sport a pair of Jordans whenever possible? Evoke a sense individuality that strives for greatness. Lace up Vans? You’re ready to roll with the tide wherever it goes. Shoes tell more about our personalities, pride and plans than any other article of clothing.

At a time when virtual criminals are threatening financial identities, it’s time to reclaim a piece of style identity. Let LifeLock monitor your identity online, and read on to find a sneaker that fits your style.


You don’t need a sweet jump shot to wear a pair of MJ’s shoes, but you do need the confidence to believe that if you took a shot, it would go in. Air Jordans breed confidence — not the kind that makes you think you’re naturally better, the kind assures you that you’ll work harder than anyone else to get what you want. Michael Jordan recently turned 50, but his competitive fire and commitment to excellence lives on. Sporting a pair of Jordans is a declaration of respect, ambition and determination.

Chuck Taylors

In 1917, Converse released its All Star, a high-top canvas basketball shoe that would become one of the most legendary footwear models of all time. In 1923, Converse salesman Chuck Taylor suggested a few design improvements, according to, eventually placing his signature on the shoe’s logo. All-Stars were thus dubbed Chuck Taylors. This iconic shoe remains a pillar of unflinching style. As shoes continue to get bigger and brighter, Chuck Taylors stand out for their commitment to simplicity.

Chuck Taylors aren’t glitzy or glamorous. Usually, neither are those that wear them. Rather, these shoes remain steadfast in their duty and allow their wearers to speak for themselves. The message: Less is more.


Forged through kick flips and board slides, Vans transformed from work boots for skaters to fashion icons. Skateboarding legends Christian Hosoi, Steve Cabellero and Geoff Rowley still strap on Vans to go to work, but non-athletes have adopted Vans to promote a West-Coast spirit. Vans trademark Authentic shoe is a model of diversity. Formal enough to wear with khakis yet casual enough to wear through the park, owners of Authentics make style look easy. It’s the golden rule of style: look good without trying hard. Vans epitomize understated style.

New Balance

We’re all running toward something. New Balance wants to make sure we’re running comfortably and confidently. A giant in the running world, New Balance has become a trendy brand for the workmanlike shopper who desires function over fashion. Modern New Balance shoes boast the latest designs to seconds of your mile time. Meanwhile, New Balance classics provide comfortable sports shoes with stylish features. You might not get many comments in a pair of New Balances. You’ll be too busy getting things done.