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Nicolas Winding-Refn’s Pusher To Get A Remake

Comingsoon.net is a fantastic source for movie and tv news. You still won’t have me
writing your just-desserts, but I digress. I’ve recently read an article about the director of the film Drive, which is hailed as one of the greatest films to grace the silver-screen. Nicolas Winding-Refn has given the go ahead for his first major work, Pusher, to be taken to London’s East End for an English remake. Drive was exceptionally gritty, with more action thatn talk.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, don’t let that deter you from watching it. Sometimes films with minor dialogue tend to be a half-assed waste of an hour and a half plus, but the dialogue you do get in the film is great and makes everything whole. The ladies in love with Ryan Gosling got to drool over him for a decent amount of time while everyone else got a fantastic, well scripted and choreographed film.

Scaling back to Pusher, it’s a classic, released in 1996 that centers around a drug dealer named Frank whose choices just continue to worsen his position with his drug lord. This version will not be directed by Nicolas and it appears as though he won’t be giving much advice so as to not deter the director’s vision. That’s a pretty stand-up thing to do. That’s all I’ll say for that. As soon as I read that, I had to see Pusher and luckily it was available on Amazon-Instant video. Upon pulling up the search results, I saw there were 2 sequels. I cannot wait. More violence, more drama, more story; you can’t ask for more. The English version of Pusher was premiered this past Friday on the 7th at the Toronto Film Festival. I didn’t see anything about a major release. If you want the full article on the English remake and the trailers for the original Pusher film and for the new one, hit the source links after the jump.

comingsoon.net article

Original 1996 trailer

Remake Trailer

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