Solesirius Interview: Josh Babyak Of Lacelocks

Solesirius Interview: Josh Babyak Of Lacelocks

If you don’t know who Josh Babyak is yet, you will very soon. The man behind the Lacelocks sneaker accessory has done nothing short of take the sneaker world by storm.  We recently got a chance to talk with Josh babyak and his lacelock sneaker accessories, his personal collection (which is insane) and future plans for lacelocks.

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Solesirius. How’d you come up with the idea for the lace lock?

Josh Babyak – I had a jeweler make me a lacelock out of diamonds and gold, i got them and i had to unlace a pair of my shoes, and remove the ones that come stock on a pair of Air Force 1’s. So i took those off re-laced my shoes and wore them out at night, and everyone loved them, i came home and i really pumped. The next day i woke up and i wanted to wear them on a different pair of shoes, and i had to unlace the shoes that i had originally put them on, then unlace the other pair of shoes and re lace them. So it was 4 shoes i had to unlace and relace and i look at myself and said ” there’s no way i’m gonna do this every single day”. So the lacelocks sat in the corner of my closet and i kept saying to myself “i need to come up with a better idea to be able to wear these things everyday”.  So i kept thinking about it and thinking about it and i basically came up with the idea to make it like a clam shell where you can take the lock from shoe to shoe without unlacing them. What was really important to me was when i designed it this was i really wanted to make sure that when it was in the shoe wether it was a sneaker or a dress shoe, whatever it is, that you couldn’t tell that it looks like  the lock is actually threaded through [the laces].


 Solesirius Interview: Josh Babyak Of Lacelocks


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SS. At the party we saw a lot of rare kicks, how’d you get your hands on such a collection?

JB.  Well i started collecting 6 years ago, from buying shoes online and meeting people, i think a lot of people till this day they trust me cause ive never resold my sneakers. So i was able to meet a lot of people in the sneaker industry and collectors and i was given the opportunity to purchase certain sneakers for my private collection. And really it was from collecting on line for six or seven years and getting to know people, that’s how i amassed a collection. I think the cool thing is i’m not a celebrity, i’m not a sports guy i’m not tied to Nike, so it was really difficult to build the collection i have, especially all in my size, and you can go to and 70% of my sneakers are all in size 11.5 or 12.


SS. If you had to pick one shoe in your collection to all your grail or favorite what would that be?

JB. I love the Carmelo Anthony, the Cranberry PE those are really nice. The night of the part i wore the STAT PE (Amare Stoudamiare) and those might have become my favorite, they where so comfortable and i really like the blue on the toebox. I’m also not a guy who cares about the toebox creasing, so i kinda judge a sneaker after i wear it a bunch of times how ti wears it, how it breaks in and how comfortable it is. I know a lot of sneaker heads worry about the toebox creasing, for me, i want the sneakers to be super comfortable. I love the way the Kobe Denims look actually, the way the denim is frayed. I like the CLOTS, but i haven’t worn them, they don’t look comfortable cause they don’t have a lot of padding on the ankle/heel.

 Solesirius Interview: Josh Babyak Of Lacelocks


SS. we’ve seen both sports teams and super hero lace locks at the party, what plans do you guys have for future releases?

JB. We’re gonna start to roll out our strategy after the Holidays, so you’re gonna see our focus on the golf industry, because A. Golfers  are on their feet all the time and we’ve got some ideas to put ball markers on them. We’re gonna collaborate with a couple of key athletes, to come out with lines. We’re very detailed and have a very specific plan on how to get all of this accomplished, then eventually we’re gonna filter down to different age groups and get very specific on male and females sets.

 Solesirius Interview: Josh Babyak Of Lacelocks


SS. Any chance of seeing lace locks hit shops around the country  like Footlocker, Flight Club, Primitive etc?

JB. We’re in talks with all the big box retailers right now, and have gotten a great response, and in January my team is gonna get together and see what retailers we’re gonna go into. Also what locks and product lines are we gonna add are we gonna focus on NFL or NBA or focus on Golf or maybe focus on two or three. We’re also listening to our customers and we’re gonna most likely allow our customer base to drive where we put our locks. Personally I’m an online guy, but i think with this product it’s really good to have it in stores like Footlocker, Modells, Archives, and the real sneaker stores. So we’re in the process of doing all of that right now. Maybe we’ll partner with a bigger company, maybe we’re partner with a  sneaker company. All those things are up for discussion right now and we’re in talks with all different types of party about the intellectual property and the product.