Solesirius Interview: Malcolm ‘Malcs’ Manswell Of SneakHeat

Solesirius Interview: Malcolm ‘Malcs’ Manswell Of SneakHeat

A few days ago we got on the phone with Malcolm Malcs Manswell, creator and the face of Sneakheat. For anyone living under a rock, Sneakheat is an online buy, sell, and trade, site that will allow its users to trade on a much larger (and safer) scale. We spoke about the roots of Sneakheat, future plans and of course kicks.

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Solesirius: How’d you come up with the idea for Sneakheat?

 Sneakheat: I started the company over the summer of 2012, i basically got tired of dealing with facebook groups and doing exchanges that way so i decided to just do something about it and that’s sort of how sneakheat formed. We recently sponsored the Baltimore Sneaker show along with Downtown Locker Room and from there we really started developing on the idea.

 Solesirius Interview: Malcolm 'Malcs' Manswell Of SneakHeat


SS: For anyone who doesn’t know, explain what sneakheat is.

SH: So basically what sneakheat is, is a buy, sell, and exchange site and you’ll be able to trade with users locally, nationally and internationally all on the site. So for instance lets say I’m in Maryland and you’re in New York, we’re to far away from each other to meet up so we can do a shipping transaction, what happens during this type of transaction the item that’s being traded or sold gets sent to the Sneakheat warehouse first, where they get legit checked and processed and we make sure the items meet the descriptions and then lastly we ship to the receiving user. Money involved is held on the site  and not released to anyone until the transaction is officially over.


SS: i know you guys have been working on the site just bout everyday, and you post updates via your facebook and twitter have you settled on a official launch date?

SH: As of right now we don’t have an official launch date, we have to make sure that the site is practically perfect, we’re getting a lot of interest from Complex and because we’re dealing with peoples personal information we want to make sure everything works. Right now we’re sending bots to the site to test the servers and make sure they’re stable. I’d like to say it’s 90% finished.



 Solesirius Interview: Malcolm 'Malcs' Manswell Of SneakHeat


SS: So clearly you’re a sneakerhead, what would you say got you started with sneakers.

SH: I started young, when i was 6, my parents would buy me Jordans and that was a big deal, but i didn’t really get into sneakers about junior year of highschool. Then i really started collecting, and around freshman year of collage the facebook exchange groups really popped off. That’s really when i really got into it, then i started doing meet up’s and we did the Baltimore sneaker show.


SS: going back to sneakheat, what else do you have planned for the site? being able to buy, sell, and trade you kicks via the internet is a big deal, but do you have anything else planned? Or is that focus just on that aspect of the community?

SH: So we have a section of the site called sneak services, where you can get items either restored or customized. We’ve actually signed a affiliates to work with us like District Customs and Eddie Garcia. So what happens is basically users send pictures of  items they want either customized or restored and the approved affiliate will go through and if they can do the job will basically contact the user and work out a price depending on the work.